For Ave the word ‘design’ means design quality, technological innovation, ability, professionalism and creative know-how. Ave has always been at the leading edge in adopting innovative solutions in line with the expectations of the market, constantly improving its products and the technology of its production plant.


Allumia 44 – Wiring Accessories

A range of brushed anodised aluminium products with “AVE Touch” touch technology. The aluminium touch plate for lighting control has a black horizontal band, behind which a delicate blue led light appears which is visible immediately even in the dark. The highly evolved technology, together with unique design, gives the home a modern character and each room a refined exclusive atmosphere.


LIFE 44 – Wiring Accessories

Life 44 is the black mirror finish wiring accessories series patented by Ave with a refined design that makes it a genuine object of style and elegance which is functional and of high quality. Life 44 is made of innovative plastic materials which make it possible to obtain the shiny smooth scratchproof dustproof and printproof black colour, the result of design based on research which makes it possible to create a solution which anticipates and satisfies clients’ needs and aspirations.


Domus 44 – Wiring Accessories

The Domus wiring accessories series is the result of close cooperation between Ave and architects, designers and installers, conceived entirely to satisfy the requirements of the best in quality, style, elegance and reliability, evolved design and scratchproof, dustproof, printproof technology. Domus 100, which is highly innovative from the technological and design viewpoint, is made of refined materials proven in thousands of movements thanks to the quality of all its components.

AVE catalogues

From this section you can download all the documents, leaflets and brochures of our products. To open them or print the PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader.

TFP Series – IP40 Outlet Socket Boxes

The range of outlet socket boxes has four versions, two with standard cover and two with reinforced covers.

Q65 Series – Wall mounted IP65 distribution boards

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Catalogue HOTEL DOMOTICS – Domina Hotel– Advanced systems for hotels

Αve introduces Domina Hotel. The evolved system for hotels and hotel buildings. Find out more about AVE domotics applied to the needs of hotels for the best in comfort, design and technology.

Catalogue ALLUMIA TOUCH – Discover the range and functions of the ALLUMIA series

Find out about the new Allumia Wiring Accessories from AVE. Innovative materials, quality finishes, technological innovation and unique design. Wake up your senses with Ave, exciting technology has arrived.

Catalogue LIFE TOUCH – discover the range and functions of the LIFE series

Find out about the LIFE TOUCH Wiring Accessories from Ave. Just a touch will convince you that all the rest is left behind, forgotten, superseded. Ave Touch is the incredible glass range with touch screen which transforms the electrical system into a part of the furnishing.

Presentation, products and functions of the System 44 Wiring Accessories from AVE

See the Systema 44 Wiring Accessories with touch and traditional technology. Domus and LIFE Touch: the wiring accessories with touch screen controls which transforms the electrical system into a part of the furnishing.


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